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2024 Scholarship Recipients


Coastal Carolina University

Logaan Whiting will be attending Coastal Carolina University. An avid member of the National Honors Society and the National English Honors Society, Logaan has demonstrated academic excellence and leadership. She has received the Blue Streak Excellence award multiple times and the UVA Jefferson Book Award in 2023. Logaan's involvement in various organizations and her leadership roles highlight her commitment to her community and her potential for success.

Bowie State University


Kiersten Campbell will be attending Bowie State University, where she plans to pursue her academic and career aspirations. Her dedication and hard work have earned her a place in this prestigious institution, and we are confident that she will continue to excel and make a positive impact.


2023 Scholarship Recipients

Howard logo

Howard University

Meet Kamari Robinson, a remarkable individual attending Howard University, making her mark in various spheres:

Inducted into the Math honors society, managed to maintain a 4.0 GPA, received the 1021,2020, and 2022 blue streak award for athletics, Captain of the sideline cheerleading team 

Black student union member, Softball 2022-2021

National Honors society, Student advisory council 

Member of the AVID program.

George Mason Logo

George Mason University

Maya Sarco- attending— attending George Mason University. 1st  team all-state cheerleading competition, most improved  gymnastics 

Blue streak award, National honor society and

Black student union 


2022 Scholarship Recipient

UNC Logo

UNC-Chapel Hill

Meet Hailey Madden, our 2021-2022  Scholarship recipient attending UNC-Chapel Hill, majoring in Economics.

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