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The Just One Women Circle Scholarship Program: Empowering Young Women for a Brighter Future

The Just One Women Circle Scholarship Program is a beacon of hope and empowerment for young women striving for higher education. This initiative not only provides financial assistance but also nurtures the academic and personal growth of its recipients, helping them to unlock their full potential and contribute meaningfully to society. By focusing on young women's education, the program plays a crucial role in fostering a more equitable and prosperous future.

The Importance of the Just One Women Circle Scholarship Program

Education is a powerful tool that can transform lives, and the Just One Women Circle Scholarship Program ensures that deserving young women have the opportunity to pursue their dreams. Here are a few reasons why this program is essential:

  1. Breaking Barriers: Many young women face financial, social, and cultural barriers that hinder their access to higher education. The scholarship program helps to break these barriers, making college education accessible to those who might otherwise be unable to afford it.

  2. Promoting Gender Equality: By supporting young women in their educational pursuits, the program promotes gender equality and helps to bridge the gender gap in higher education and the workforce.

  3. Empowering Future Leaders: The program nurtures future leaders who contribute significantly in various fields. These young women serve as role models, inspiring others in their communities to strive for excellence.

  4. Strengthening Communities: Educated women are more likely to invest in their communities, leading to social and economic development. The ripple effect of educating young women can transform entire communities.

The Critical Role of Membership

Membership in the Just One Women Circle is critical to the success of the scholarship program. Members provide the financial support necessary to fund scholarships and offer mentorship and networking opportunities that are invaluable to the recipients. Here's why your membership matters:

  1. Financial Support: Donations from members are the lifeblood of the scholarship program, enabling us to provide financial assistance to deserving young women.

  2. Mentorship and Guidance: Members often serve as mentors, offering advice, support, and encouragement to scholarship recipients. This guidance can make a significant difference in the lives of young women as they navigate their educational and career paths.

  3. Building a Supportive Network: Membership creates a community of like-minded individuals committed to empowering young women. This network provides a robust support system for recipients and members.

Celebrating Our Scholarship Recipients

This year, we proudly announce that Kiersten Campbell and Logaan Whiting are among the distinguished recipients of the Just One Women Circle Scholarships.

Kiersten Campbell – Bowie State University

Kiersten Campbell will be attending Bowie State University, where she plans to pursue her academic and career aspirations. Her dedication and hard work have earned her a place in this prestigious institution, and we are confident that she will continue to excel and make a positive impact.

Logaan Whiting – Coastal Carolina University

Logaan Whiting will be attending Coastal Carolina University. An avid member of the National Honors Society and the National English Honors Society, Logaan has demonstrated academic excellence and leadership. She has received the Blue Streak Excellence award multiple times and the UVA Jefferson Book Award in 2023. Logaan's involvement in various organizations and her leadership roles highlight her commitment to her community and her potential for success.

She has been an active member of HOSA-Future Health Professionals since her first year in 2020, serving as president from 2022-2023. Logaan has been enrolled in the Harrisonburg High School Governor's STEM Academy since 2020, serving as the Healthcare Representative on the STEM Executive Board. She joined the Black Student Union during her sophomore year, and now, as a senior, she is the vice president. Additionally, Logan has served on the Superintendent Advisory Council for three consecutive years and has been a student-athlete in volleyball and softball. She was also the Varsity Boys Basketball Manager for her sophomore, junior, and senior years.


The Just One Women Circle Scholarship Program is more than just a financial aid initiative; it is a movement to empower young women and transform lives. Your membership and support are critical to our mission of sending young women to college and helping them achieve their dreams. Together, we can continue to make a difference and build a brighter future for generations to come. Join us in this critical endeavor and become a part of the Just One Women Circle today.

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